100% custom made websites that work for your business

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Your website has one purpose: to make money for your business. Getting your website done will be only the first step, with careful market research and planning you will get a Sales / Marketing tool that converts your visitors to Customers. Instead of a template website you will operate your marketing with a 100% Custom Made business tool.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

We will precisely plan all the steps from a customer point of view, make it as simple as possible, as effective as it can be.

Any project manager will tell you that the process of website planning is just as important as the actual development itself. Sure, not a single line of code is written during the process, but if done right, competent planning will lead to managed expectations, efficient time- and risk management and ultimately, happy stakeholders.


Research and Discovery

We will learn about your business. Through the discovery phase we work with you to define the requirements, establish a project backlog, and provide you with a roadmap of the work ahead of us. We will have recommendations, but you will make the decisions.



Once we know what you need we provide you with a quote including our fees, time frame and a list of resources we need to start the job. There are no hidden costs, everything will be listed before we start the project. In case of unplanned changes we will provide you with a separate quote.


The Project plan

Full description of the workflow, structure of the website, features. This stage is crucial, this will be the spine of the project, changing the structure later might cost extra and delay the project, so this is the right time to define the purpose of the website. You need to approve the website project plan before we move to the next stage.



Wireframes are simplified sketches of the website. Wireframes are used to create placeholders for content, establish priorities for elements on the page, and to document requirements. It gives you an overall understanding of how the site will work. Once you approve the wireframe, we move on to the next stage.


The Creative Brief

Our web designers come up with a layout for the homepage to give you an idea of the look. Once you approve the look we can move on and design all the subpages. All subpages must be approved before we move on, this is the best time to do changes as they are free at this stage of the project.


Content for the website

We need all the content for your website (texts, pictures, videos, downloadable files). Writing content for the web is a challenging process: the content must be brief, easy to scan, and engaging. It should also utilize keywords that are important for the business to aid with SEO.



Our programmers create the back-end of the website and we also provide you with your admin page where you can start uploading, managing your website. We create a test page for you to be able to keep an eye on the process online. You can test the new webpage with your test site as it will have full functionality. This is a good time to show the page to your team, colleagues, friends for feedback.


Testing & Launching

Before launching we will need you to overlook the test page, check each elements, test all features to make sure there are no bugs left before launching. This task needs lots of concentration as you don`t want to find typing errors, or hidden bugs when the website is live. However, all errors will be fixed straight away if they slip through the testing. Once everything is done and tested we put your new website live.



Once everything is done and tested we put your new website live.