About us

We at Paprika Design provide web design, graphic design, logo design (branding) and programming services for Small to Medium Businesses.

"Small businesses tend to have lower survival rates and more volatile revenues than larger firms. "

Effective marketing is crucial for SME businesses and the internet has equalized the chances when competing with the large firms. You don`t have to spend hundreds of thousands to reach potential customers with a TV ad anymore, you can use the social media channels for free. Our video-team can create your professional corporate video for a budget that fits an SME company, our graphic designers can create a corporate look that will give you the image that only big brands could afford a few years ago.


  • Our aim is to give the right marketing and sales tools to SME business owners whether it is a fully customized website/webstore or a mobile application.
  • Our programmers created Paprika`s own CMS (Content Management System) which helps you to manage and update your website through an extremely user friendly admin page - even on your smartphone.
  • Our graphic designers follow the latest design trends and we start each project with serious planning to make sure it will create new sales, new visits, new customers - more money for your business.